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Routes4U Project. Fomento del desarrollo regional a través de Rutas Culturales

BannerRoutes4U Project aims to enhance regional development in the Adriatic-Ionian, the Alpine, the Baltic Sea and the Danube regions through the Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe. The 30-month project (2017-2020) has been launched in the framework of the joint programme between the Council of Europe (DGII – EPA on Cultural Routes) and the European Union (European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy).

The four EU macro-regions, covering 27 countries (19 EU Member States and 8 non-EU countries), are crossed by 25 transnational networks certified “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” such as the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim Routes, the Phoenicians’ Routes, the Hansa and the Olive Tree Routes. The Routes4U Project contributes to cultural cooperation and provides a transnational platform for regional and national stakeholders. In line with the Faro Convention (Council of Europe, 2005), the project also promotes the importance of local citizens and their strong connection with their heritage in the creation of a common European narrative.

Routes4U implements activities for the four EU macro-regions related to cultural heritage and sustainable tourism in view of regional development. Among the highlighted activities: Research and guidelines on sustainable cultural tourism, a digital platform to discover Cultural Routes landmark sites and less-known destinations in the EU macro-regions and the assistance of new cultural routes projects in view to the certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”. [más]

Euroregions, Excellence and Innovation across EU borders. A Catalogue of Good Practices.

The Catalogue is the main result of the research project “Territorial Cooperation in Spain and the EU: a selection of guiding experiences for excellency and innovation in the 2014-2020 period”, funded by the Spanish national R&I programme and elaborated by the RECOT Network (a research team including members from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Vigo). Our team has already a quite long experience working in CBC issues in Europe and other international areas.

The book is being distributed to European institutions and organization related to European Territorial Cooperation (DG-REGIO, AEBR, etc.) as well as all active Euroregions from all over Europe as identified in our research.

The Catalogue aims to focus the attention of European institutions on the importance of Euroregions as organizations that help reinforcing the process of European Integration, and precisely at a time when this is being challenged. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the Euroregions and their Cross-Border Cooperation activities, together with a sample of Good Practices selected among all active Euroregions in the European Union.

The publication is the result of a three-years research in which we have produced an exhaustive database on Euroregions and CBC projects. By analysing the Euroregional CBC activities included in the EU 2007-13 programming period, we have identified a total of 158 active Euroregions as well as a list of their CBC activities. The Catalogue itself is structured into two main chapters: a global analysis and a collection of individual Info Sheets including the sample of good practices from 61 Euroregions, 10 Cross-Border Equipment units and 9 Transboundary Parks. We believe the methodology and the results of this study to be highly innovative since they deal with Euroregions as permanent CBC organizations. Regardless, this is certainly a first global approach that would require further research in the future. [más]

Proyecto Count Me In!: artes escénicas para la Inclusión Social

Logo"Count Me In!" es un proyecto desarrollado en el marco del programa ERASMUS+ que involucrará a más de 150 jóvenes en la creación e implementación de actividades de educación no formal para facilitar la inclusión social bajo el paraguas de diferentes metodologías de artes escénicas. Usando teatro y circo ofrece claves a los trabajadores juveniles para que trabajen estos campos como método creativo para su trabajo en el futuro. Los jóvenes podrán explorar un amplio rango de significados, conceptos, prejuicios y dilemas sociales relacionados con sus propios problemas y sus comportamientos y aprendizajes personales. En este marco, EUROPIMPULSE selecciona jóvenes para participar a un intercambio europeo que se desarrollará en Enschede (Países Bajos) del 19 al 27 de marzo. El plazo de solicitud es el 22 de febrero. [más]

Proyecto INCOME: encuentros para la colaboración y el coworking en Valencia

BannerDesde la crisis, estamos asistiendo a la emergencia de iniciativas basadas en la colaboración. Estos proyectos, tanto impulsados desde el sector público como privado suelen proponer alternativas innovadoras al modelo competitivo para aportar respuestas a grandes retos de nuestro tiempo: innovación social y educativa, cambio climático, participación ciudadana...

El proyecto INCOME, financiado por el programa ERASMUS+, propone investigar durante 24 meses estos modelos basados en el fomento de la colaboración y del "coworking" para conocer mejor esta realidad y destacar las necesidades de estos proyectos y las oportunidades que ofrecen a la Juventud europea para mejorar la inclusión, el emprendimiento y la participación.

Del 27 de enero al 3 de febrero EUROPIMPULSE recibe a sus socios de Lisboa del Clube Intercultural Europeu para intercambiar experiencias y explorar distintos proyectos colaborativos y de coworking implementados desde la Ciudad de Valencia y sus alrededores. Este programa de estudio será complementado a final de mes por una visita a Lisboa de una delegación de profesionales coordinados por EUROPIMPULSE. Paralelamente otros 6 programas de Jobshadowing se  desarrollarán a través de Europa hasta el próximo mes de mayo. [más]

The [European] Road Trip Project

LogoThis European travel experience will take 8 individuals (18-30 years old) on 4 routes across the continent between Spring and Summer 2018. Each of the four teams will embark on one of the road trip routes. Along the way they will meet locals and experience the local vibe, discover projects that change people's lives for the better, and explore unknown places and amazing landscapes.

These four journeys will travel through the Baltics, the Danube, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic regions. The travelers will film and share their stories and what they learn along their journey.

At the end of each journey, their unique experiences will be featured in a road movie, and reflected in an online travel guide to Europe 'off the beaten path'. [más]

Red Europea para la Innovación en la Inclusión

LogoEuropean Network of Innovation for Inclusion

Action Against Hunger launches a new network at the European level to promote social innovation among social entities, companies, public administrations, etc. as a tool to create a more inclusive European labour market.

This network aims to build a more innovative social inclusive ecosystem, helping different organizations develop successful European employment and entrepreneurship projects through the exchange of good practices and participation in European programs. You can participate in the network as a member or as a coordinator in a European country.

The network is not only looking for members but also for coordinating entitiesin other EU counties.

We are asking for your help sharing this information among all those entities that might be interested in joining the network one way or another. The registration is completely free and it would give the entity access to all the interesting activities that will be taking place, such as our call for good practices. The network is co-financed by the European Social Fund in Spain under the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Social Economy 2014-2020, as a transnational cooperation project. [más]


Within the framework of the existing cooperation arrangements between the EU and China, a consortium of seven European and five Chinese partners will develop an evidence-driven bottom-up approach to complement the existing top-down strategic approach to cooperation in sustainable urbanisation.

Coordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the partners will work on a series of actions that include a strategic research and innovation agenda; scoping and assessment; networking events; benchmarking; monitoring; peer learning activities; and joint demonstration projects. The underlying ambition is to address the disconnect between strategic visions and operational realities; coordinate the planning/policy/governance frameworks; and remove language and cultural barriers. The expected results of this 36-month, €1.5 million Horizon 2020 support action, launched on 1 January 2017, include joint policy strategies, a nursery of joint projects, and city-industry-science partnerships. EUROCITIES leads work on matching cities and organising event clusters. [más]


CinEd: una colección de cine europeo para niños y jóvenes

LogoEn la infancia y la juventud el encuentro con una película puede resultar una experiencia reveladora: capaz de despertar el amor por el cine, de abrir nuevos horizontes culturales, de transformar la sensibilidad, de generar preguntas e interrogaciones. Además, el cine es un arte privilegiado para descubrir el mundo; viajar por lugares, culturas y épocas diversas; reflexionar sobre la Historia y las historias; conocer otras lenguas; compartir las emociones y emocionarse.

La colección CinEd reúne una selección de películas singulares, de gran potencia expresiva, que apelan e interpelan a cada uno de forma única y personal. Ha sido concebida como una oportunidad para que los niños y jóvenes descubran el cine europeo, lo conozcan y disfruten, y como un recurso pedagógico privilegiado para trabajar áreas curriculares diversas. Los materiales pedagógicos responden también a este doble objetivo: dar las herramientas para un descubrimiento activo, reflexivo y creativo del cine, y proponer pistas para el trabajo transversal desde diferentes áreas. El Blog CinEd es el espacio para compartir los trabajos, textos y creaciones elaborados a partir de las películas.

La colección CinEd está destinada exclusivamente a proyecciones educativas y sin finalidad comercial. La participación es gratuita. El funcionamiento y acceso a la colección se detalla en el apartado “Cómo participar”.

CinEd es un proyecto impulsado y coordinado en España por A Bao A Qu y liderado por el Institut français (París) en cooperación con La Cinémathèque française. Desarrollan CinEd en los otros países participantes: ACFK (República Checa), GET – Cooperativa sociale (Italia), IhmeFilmi (Finlandia), Macondo (Rumanía), NexT (Rumanía), Os Filhos de Lumière (Portugal) y SEVEN (Bulgaria).

CinEd está cofinanciado por el programa MEDIA de Europa Creativa de la Unión Europea y en España cuenta con el apoyo del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, el ICAA y el Instituto Cervantes. [más]

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