Euratom Nuclear Research and Training

Euratom Research and Training Programme. Research and Innovation Actions. Nuclear Research and Training. Calls for proposals:

Safety of operating nuclear power plants and research reactors (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-01)
Safety of light water small modular reactors (LW-SMRs) (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-02)
Safety of advanced and innovative nuclear designs (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-03)
Co-funded European partnership for research in nuclear materials (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-04)
Partitioning and transmutation of minor actinides towards industrial applications (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-05)
Improved nuclear data for the safety of energy and non-energy applications of ionising radiation (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-06)
Innovative technologies for safety and excellence in decommissioning, including robotics and artificial intelligence (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-07)
Safety of low enriched fuel for research reactors - securing the supply of medical radioisotopes (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-08)
Nuclear and radiation techniques for EU strategic autonomy, circular economy and climate change policies (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-09)
Harnessing innovation in nuclear science, technology and radiation protection (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-10)
Preparatory phase for a European production capability to secure a supply of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) fuel (HORIZON-EURATOM-2023-NRT-01-11).

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