Climate sciences and responses

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Climate sciences and responses. Call for proposals:

Enhanced quantification and understanding of natural and anthropogenic methane emissions and sinks (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-01)
Inland ice, including snow cover, glaciers, ice sheets and permafrost, and their interaction with climate change (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-02)
Paleoclimate science for a better understanding of the short- to long-term evolution of the Earth system (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-03)
Improved toolbox for evaluating the climate and environmental impacts of trade policies (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-04)
Next generation low-emission, climate-resilient pathways and NDCs for a future aligned with the Paris Agreement (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-05)
The role of climate change foresight for primary and secondary raw materials supply (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-06)
Quantification of the role of key terrestrial ecosystems in the carbon cycle and related climate effects (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D1-01-07).

W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 12.09.2023
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