LIFE+. Call for Proposals 2022

Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE+). Call for Proposals 2022:

Strategic Nature Projects. LIFE-2022-STRAT-NAT-SNAP-two-stage. (Deadline: September 8, 2022 and March 30, 2023).
Strategic Integrated Projects - Environment. LIFE-2022-STRAT-ENV-SIP-two-stage. (Deadline: September 8, 2022 and March 30, 2023).
Strategic Integrated Projects - Environment. LIFE-2022-STRAT-ENV-SIP-two-stage. (Deadline: September 8, 2022 and March 30, 2023).
Strategic Integrated Projects - Climate Action. LIFE-2022-STRAT-CLIMA-SIP-two-stage. (Deadline: September 8, 2022 and March 30, 2023).
Climate Change Mitigation. LIFE-2022-SAP-CLIMA-CCM. (September 4, 2022).
Adaptation to Climate Change. LIFE-2022-SAP-CLIMA-CCA. (September 4, 2022).
Climate governance and information. LIFE-2022-SAP-CLIMA-GOV. (September 4, 2022).
Technical assistance preparation of ENV SIPs. LIFE-2022-TA-PP-ENV-SIP. (September 8, 2022).
Technical assistance preparation of SNAPs. LIFE-2022-TA-PP-NAT-SNAP. (September 8, 2022).
Technical assistance preparation of CLIMA SIPs. LIFE-2022-TA-PP-CLIMA-SIP. (September 8, 2022).
BUILD UP Skills: training strategies and interventions that enable a decarbonised building stock. LIFE-2022-CET-BUILDSKILLS. (November 16, 2022).
New facility to support compliance with energy labeling and eco-design for suppliers and retailers. LIFE-2022-CET-COMPLIANCE. (November 16, 2022).
Towards a zero-emission building stock: strengthening the enabling framework for deep renovation. LIFE-2022-CET-DEEPRENE. (November 16, 2022).
Integration of investments in sustainable energy in the financial sector. LIFE-2022-CET-MAINSTREAM. (November 16, 2022).
Make the "Energy Efficiency First" principle more operational. LIFE-2022-CET-EE1st. (November 16, 2022).
Integration of low-quality renewable energies or waste heat in high-temperature district heating. LIFE-2022-CET-DH. (November 16, 2022).
National Finance Tables for investments in sustainable energy. LIFE-2022-CET-FINROUND. (November 16, 2022).
Energy efficiency and smart preparation of buildings: making the instruments work. LIFE-2022-CET-BUILDPERFORM. (November 16, 2022).
Support the clean energy transition of the business sector. LIFE-2022-CET-BUSINESS. (November 16, 2022).
Development of support mechanisms for energy communities. LIFE-2022-CET-ENERCOM. (November 16, 2022).
Accelerate the deployment and affordability of heat pumps through collective buying actions and acquisitions. LIFE-2022-CET-HEATPUMPS. (November 16, 2022).
Integrated home renovation services. LIFE-2022-CET-HOMERENE. (November 16, 2022).
Innovative financing schemes for investments in sustainable energy. LIFE-2022-CET-INNOFIN. (November 16, 2022).
Technical support for clean energy transition plans and strategies in municipalities and regions. LIFE-2022-CET-LOCAL. (November 16, 2022).
Towards an effective implementation of key legislation in the field of sustainable energy. LIFE-2022-CET-POLICY. (November 16, 2022).
Address construction-related interventions in vulnerable districts. LIFE-2022-CET-ENERPOV. (November 16, 2022).
Assistance for the development of projects for investments in sustainable energy. LIFE-2022-CET-PDA. (November 16, 2022).
Establish facilitation structures to accelerate the wave of renewal in the public sector. LIFE-2022-CET-RENOPUB. (November 16, 2022).

W3 Portal del Candidato, 17.5.2022
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