Promotion of Agricultural Products. Simple Project Grants

Promotion of Agricultural Products. Call for proposals for simple programmes 2024:

Union quality schemes. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-IM-EU-QS
European agricultural methods and food products, and quality schemes. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-IM-CHARACTERISTICS
Union sustainable agriculture and animal welfare. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-IM-CHARACTERISTICS
Support for simple programmes targeting Canada, USA or Mexico. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-TC-AMERICAS
Support for simple programmes promoting Organic products under Union quality scheme OR Union sustainable agriculture and animal welfare in any third country/ies. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-TC-ORG-SUST
Support for simple programmes targeting China (including Hong-Kong and Macao), Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South-eastern Asia or Southern Asia. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-TC-ASIA
Fruit and vegetables in the internal market in the context of balanced and healthy dietary practices.. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-IM-FRESH-FV
Support for simple programmes targeting other geographical areas. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-TC-CHARACTERISTICS
Union quality scheme on organic production method. AGRIP-SIMPLE-2024-IM-ORGANIC.

W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 18.01.2024
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