Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors

Horizon Europe. Innovation Actions. Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors. Call for proposals:

Circular solutions for textile value chains through innovative sorting, recycling, and design for recycling. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-1-two-stage
Increasing the circularity in plastics value chains. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-2-two-stage
Increasing the circularity in electronics value chains. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-3-two-stage
New circular solutions and decentralised approaches for water and wastewater management. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-4-two-stage
Circular design of bio-based processes and products. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-5-two-stage
From silos to diversity – small-scale bio-based demonstration pilots. HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-6-two-stage.

W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 17.10.2023
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