Digital and emerging technologies for the Green Deal

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal. Call for proposals:

Novel paradigms and approaches, towards AI-powered robots– step change in functionality (AI, data and robotics partnership) (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-03
Industrial leadership in AI, Data and Robotics boosting competitiveness and the green transition (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (IA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-04
Open Source for Cloud/Edge to support European Digital Autonomy (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-21
Fundamentals of Software Engineering (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-22
Public recognition scheme for Open Source (CSA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-23
Synergy with national and regional initiatives in Europe (CSA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-34
Stimulating transnational research and development of next generation quantum technologies, including basic theories and components (Cascading grant with FSTP). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-42
Pilot line(s) for 2D materials-based devices (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-31
Quantum sensing and metrology for market uptake (IA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-45
Smart photonics for joint communication & sensing and access everywhere (Photonics Partnership) (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-54
Photonics Innovation Factory for Europe (Photonics Partnership) (IA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-55.

W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 15.11.2023
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Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe. Cascade funding. OpenWebSearch.EU. Piloting a Cooperative Open Web Search Infrastructure to Support Europe's Digital Sovereignty (HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-05):  2nd Open Call for the Third-Parties 'Applications of an Open Web Index' 3rd Open Call for the Third-Parties "Data Centre on-boarding". HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-05.
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