Humanitarian Aid Volunteering

European Solidarity Corps. Humanitarian Aid Volunteering. ESC Humanitarian Aid Voluntering Unit Grants. Call for proposals ESC-HUMAID-2023-VOLUN.

W3 Funding & tender opportunities, 29.11.2022
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Humanitarian Aid: EU increases funding to €1.7 billion for 2023

As humanitarian needs continue to rise globally, the EU maintains its commitment to support those in need by adopting its initial annual humanitarian budget of €1.7 billion for 2023. Human-induced humanitarian crises, resulting from wars with often widespread violations of international humanitarian law, conflicts or outbreaks of violence are the main source of humanitarian needs […]
RAPID, IP/23/253, 18.1.2023

European Solidarity Corps App 

If you are a volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps, look no further! We have launched the revamped European Solidarity Corps app with many new and innovative features. We are proud to announce that both volunteers and registrants on the European Solidarity Corps portal can now use the revamped app. This new version especially enables […]
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