BannerEUROCITIES has been successful in applying for two new Horizon 2020 projects which will stimulate and facilitate the exchange of good practice between local authorities on various aspects of sustainable urban mobility.


CIVITAS SATELLITE is a support action for the CIVITAS community and other Horizon 2020 innovation projects in the field of urban mobility. The project's launch phase includes a user needs assessment (UNA) survey, which will target European cities.

The UNA will run until mid-October and will help shape the activities of SATELLITE for the next four or five years, especially in terms of capacity-building, transfer and take-up.

CIVITAS and non-CIVITAS member cities are both invited to express their needs and expectations, since the STAELLITE project aims to provide support to all interested cities.

EUROCITIES is leading on the work package on transfer, take-up and exploitation, and we will soon launch a dedicated programme to support peer-to-peer exchanges between cities.


SUMPS-UP is an EU programme that aims to optimise and accelerate the take-up of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) across Europe. This consortium gathers recognised experts and research institutes in the area of mobility planning; four city networks; and severn frontrunner cities, including EUROCITIES members Budapest, Birmingham, Malmo, San Sebastian, Sofia, Turin and Turku.

Within the project. EUROCITIES will analyse the needs, barriers and challenges that cities are facing in developing their SUMPs. Cities will also be invited to apply for small-scale funding to finance expert advice and exchange of best practice.

The project will combine comprehensive SUMPS research, tailored capacity-building, strong mechanisms for technical support, as well as constant SUMP monitoring and evaluation.

As a result, the project will accelerate the development of 100 SUMPs, reach out to 600 cities and will therefore engage about 80% of EU cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. [saber más]