The Catalogue is the main result of the research project “Territorial Cooperation in Spain and the EU: a selection of guiding experiences for excellency and innovation in the 2014-2020 period”, funded by the Spanish national R&I programme and elaborated by the RECOT Network (a research team including members from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Vigo). Our team has already a quite long experience working in CBC issues in Europe and other international areas.

The book is being distributed to European institutions and organization related to European Territorial Cooperation (DG-REGIO, AEBR, etc.) as well as all active Euroregions from all over Europe as identified in our research.

The Catalogue aims to focus the attention of European institutions on the importance of Euroregions as organizations that help reinforcing the process of European Integration, and precisely at a time when this is being challenged. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the Euroregions and their Cross-Border Cooperation activities, together with a sample of Good Practices selected among all active Euroregions in the European Union.

The publication is the result of a three-years research in which we have produced an exhaustive database on Euroregions and CBC projects. By analysing the Euroregional CBC activities included in the EU 2007-13 programming period, we have identified a total of 158 active Euroregions as well as a list of their CBC activities. The Catalogue itself is structured into two main chapters: a global analysis and a collection of individual Info Sheets including the sample of good practices from 61 Euroregions, 10 Cross-Border Equipment units and 9 Transboundary Parks. We believe the methodology and the results of this study to be highly innovative since they deal with Euroregions as permanent CBC organizations. Regardless, this is certainly a first global approach that would require further research in the future. [más]