€4.11 billion from the Modernisation Fund to accelerate the clean energy transition in 8 Member States

In its second year of operation, the Modernisation Fund has disbursed a total of €4.11 billion in support of 61 projects in eight beneficiary countries. These projects will help modernise energy systems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy, industry, transport and agriculture, and improve energy efficiency. Supporting these investments will help those Member States to meet their 2030 climate and energy targets and accelerate the EU's green transition.

Disbursements were made this year to Croatia (€119.8 million), Czechia (€1.34 billion), Estonia (€62.4 million), Hungary (€74.3 million), Lithuania (€85 million), Poland (€643.2 million), Romania (€1.39 billion), and Slovakia (€399.5 million). In June, €2.4 billion was already disbursed to support 45 investment proposals, and this is now complemented by a €1.71 billion disbursement today to back 16 more investment proposals.

This year, the 61 investment proposals selected under the Modernisation Fund focus on electricity generation from renewables, modernisation of energy networks and energy efficiency in the energy sector, in industry, in buildings, and in transport, and the replacement of coal generation with lower carbon intensity fuel.

RAPID, IP/22/7645, 22.12.2022
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