Proposal Management

Guiafc.es is updated daily with new calls resulting from community programs and initiatives published in various sources. Guiafc.es also allows subscription to a weekly bulletin that is published every Tuesday as a summary of the news of the service during the week prior to the date of publication.
European partners

Most of the European calls include the requirement of multinationality as an essential requirement for the presentation of proposals. That is, we need to look for partners from other community countries to include them as partners in our proposal. The search for partners can be carried out through the various specific services of the programs in question (Search for Partners of the European Commission itself) or through the services belonging to the responsible organisations: for example, the OTRI of the University of Valencia or the General Subdirectorate for Cooperation with the State, the European Union and Foreign Action of the Community of Madrid.


The Register of Participants is the Commission's online tool for registering and managing the data of organizations participating in EU programmes. It allows consistent handling of official participant data and avoids multiple requests to enter the same information.

If you wish to participate in a project proposal, your organization must be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). This unique identifier of your organization will be used as a reference by the Commission in any interaction.

Each user must have an EU Login account to log in to the Portal. If you already have such an account, you can use it for any supported interaction on this site, from submitting proposals to generating reports.

Submit a Proposal
For some years now, the presentation of proposals has been done electronically through the web pages of the community programmes. These include the option to submit proposals among the options on your page. To make the shipment we will need a participant identification code (PIC) that we will use later for contacts with the European Commission during the duration of our proposal.