Call for Proposals

World leading data and computing technologies

Horizon Europe. Innovation Actions. World leading data and computing technologies. Call for proposals: AI-driven data operations and compliance technologies (AI, data and robotics partnership) (IA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DATA-01-01 Piloting emerging Smart IoT Platforms and decentralized intelligence (IA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DATA-01-03 Platform Building, standardisation and Up-scaling of the ‘Cloud-Edge-IoT’ Solutions (Horizontal Activities - CSA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DATA-01-05.

Rights of the child and children’s participation

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV). Lump Sum Grants. Rights of the child and children’s participation. Call for proposals CERV-2024-CHILD.

I3 Capacity Building

Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (I3). Project Grants. I3 Capacity Building. Call for proposal I3-2023-CAP2b.

Digital and emerging technologies for the Green Deal

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal. Call for proposals: Novel paradigms and approaches, towards AI-powered robots– step change in functionality (AI, data and robotics partnership) (RIA). HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-03 Industrial leadership in AI, Data and Robotics boosting competitiveness and the green transition (AI Data and […]

Surveillance of highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds

European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA). Establishing capacities for active surveillance of highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds in Europe. Call for proposals: Gulf of Finland. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-1 Southern Baltic Sea. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-2 Western Black Sea. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-3 Eastern Black Sea. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-4 Wadden Sea Region. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-5 Lake Constance Region. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-6 Veneto Region. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-7 Camargue Region. EUBA-EFSA-2023-BIOHAW-06-Lot-8 Gulf of Càdiz. […]

ERC Public Engagement with Research Award

European Research Council. ERC Public Engagement with Research Award (ERC-2024-PERA). Call for proposals.


Fostering a European Research Area for Health Research. ERA4Health. Cascade funding. Nano and advanced technologies for disease prevention, diagnostic and therapy (HORIZON-HLTH-2022-DISEASE-03-01).


Single Market Programme. PIMAP4Sustainability. Training/Services Open Call (SMP-COSME-2021-CLUSTER-01).

EU Award for Roma Integration

Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance for Rural Development. Support to regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs); Regional networks promoting independent pluralistic media and freedom of expression; and EU Award for Roma Integration. Call for proposal EuropeAid/179703/DH/ACT/Multi.

EuroHPC Virtual Training Academy

Digital Europe Programme. Coordination and Support Actions. EuroHPC Virtual Training Academy. European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC). Call for proposals DIGITAL-EUROHPC-JU-2023-ACADEMY-02-01.

EU-FORA Fellowship Programme

EU Bodies and Agencies. Selection of hosting sites and fellows for EU-FORA (European Food Risk Assessment) Fellowship Programme. Call for proposals EUBA-EFSA-2023-ENREL-01.

Energy Efficient Technologies in HPC 

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Energy Efficient Technologies in High Performance Computing (HPC). Call for proposals HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU-2023-ENERGY-04-01.