ERC Starting Grants

European Research Council. Starting Grants. Call for proposals (ERC-2024-STG).

W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 11.06.2023
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ERC Public Engagement with Research Award

European Research Council. ERC Public Engagement with Research Award (ERC-2024-PERA). Call for proposals.
W3 Funding & Tender Opportunities, 14.11.2023

The European Innovation Council has approved €1 billion in deep tech venture investments in one year

Today, the Commission announced that nearly €1 billion of investments in deep tech companies have been approved by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund since the Fund started its operations in September 2022. The EIC Fund is the venture investment arm of the European Innovation Council, which was launched under Horizon Europe to support breakthrough […]
RAPID, IP/23/5728, 14.11.2023