European Citizen’s Prize. Winners 2022

Communication of the European Parliament concerning the European Citizen’s Prize (Civi Europaeo Praemium).

Belgium: My talents for diversity
Belgium: The Coordination Centre of Promote Ukraine
Croatia: FUND 5.5
Cyprus: OXYGONO (Cyprus Forum & Nomoplatform)
Czech Republic: Charita Znojmo’s humanitarian assistance to Ukraine
Czech Republic: #HolkyzMarketingu
Denmark: Europe Dialogue
Estonia: Assisting Ukraine and ‘Ukraina heaks!’ (For Ukraine) initiative
France: InteRadional
Germany: ApplicAid
Greece: Doctors of the World - Greece: Emergency response to humanitarian crisis
Hungary: Miklós Both, folk song collector
Ireland: Jigsaw Pandemic Response
Ireland: Connect Migrant Youth
Italy: #siamotuttelaura
Italy: Young people remember the Shoah – SOS UKRAINE
Latvia: Hospiss LV
Lithuania: Blue/Yellow
Luxembourg: Slava Ukrayini Luxembourg
Malta: The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation
Netherlands: Nieuwschecker
Poland: José Andrés, the chef that feeds the refugees of the war in Ukraine
Poland: Volunteers Without Borders’ – refugees from Ukraine
Portugal: ‘Tampinhas’ bottle cap project
Romania: Support for refugee children from Ukraine
Slovenia: Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy
Slovakia: Europe in a cube (Kniha Európa V Kocke)
Spain: Customer Service in Bank Branches·‘#Soy mayor, no idiota’ (I am elderly, not an idiot) and ANAR 116000 Helpline for missing children.

OJ C 283/01, 25.7.2022
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