Winners of the 31st edition Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

The winners of this year's edition of the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize, awarded by the European Commission, were announced today at a ceremony hosted at the Solvay Library in Brussels.

For the International Prize:  the three journalists Carmen Victoria Inojosa, Claudia Smolansky and a third whose name cannot be disclosed for security reasons, were awarded the International Prize for their compelling article ‘Así funcionan las casas clandestinas de la Dgcim en Caracas' published in Their work exposed the harrowing reality of systematic persecution in Venezuela, targeting political opponents and their families with alarming impunity.

For the Europe Prize: Italian journalists Emanuela Barbiroglio and Stefano Valentino won with an article entitled ‘European green finance is paying for deforestation in Indonesia: the case of Michelin' published in VoxEurop. Their piece delved into the realm of sustainable development projects and green finance, shedding light on the fact that these initiatives can sometimes be deceiving. They highlighted a certified 'green' project by Michelin in Indonesia, revealing its potential contribution to the destruction of the rainforest, thus misleading environmentally conscious investors.

For the Best Emerging Journalist Prize: Sofia Savina was awarded this Prize for her investigative work on the reputation of the Russian military, particularly regarding incidents of murder and rape in Bucha, Kiev and in the Chernihiv region. Her impactful investigation ‘Not just Bucha. Here's what happened outside Chernihiv' was published in IStories media.

RAPID, IP/23/4807, 11.10.2023
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