Guide to Training and Employment Opportunities in Europe 2022 | Spanish

Guía de Oportunidades de formación y empleo en Europa
Valencia: Generalitat Valenciana, octubre 2022

Europe Direct Comunitat Valenciana, in its eagerness to spread the job and academic opportunities offered by the European Union, has updated its Europe guide as of October 2022: Training and employment opportunities. In this new version, you will find all the links to be able to apply for internships in European institutions, study languages or find a job in another Member State.

From Europe Direct Comunitat Valenciana we encourage you to get to know this guide and, above all, to use it. We have a clear mandate from the European Commission and that is to be at the side of citizens to facilitate awareness of the opportunities that belonging to the European Union offers us. This guide is part of the fulfillment of said mandate and therefore we offer it updated.
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