Report from experts on the Future of Cohesion Policy

Today, the independent Group of High-Level Specialists on the Future of Cohesion Policy presented its report, which assessed the functioning of Cohesion Policy and included recommendations on how to ensure the Policy continues to promote prosperity and convergence across the EU.

These recommendations will add to the ongoing reflections and body of opinions from many stakeholders and institutions on the future of Cohesion Policy. Set up by Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira, the Group - which is independent from the Commission - looked at ways to ensure that Cohesion Policy continues to support growth and recovery across Europe's regions, all the while delivering on the green and digital transition and helping regions adjust to ongoing demographic, industrial, and geopolitical challenges.

The Report is the outcome of intense work carried out by the Group throughout this past year, enriched by academic contributions, input papers prepared by the Commission, and presentations by different stakeholders.

RAPID, IP/24/826, 20.2.2024
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