Panodyssey, the European social network dedicated to creative writing


Panodyssey is a collaborative platform for discovering, writing and reading quality content without ads and without algorithms. It works in part as a social network for fiction and non-fiction editorial content creators, for both professional and amateur authors. It brings together a community of readers and authors around strong values ​​by reconciling ethics and digital. Its goal is to create the best solution for reading and writing quality content by building a new European digital model: open, balanced and concerted. At Panodyssey everyone has the right to express themselves. However, the identity of all authors is verified beforehand to ensure that the content is authentic. Its matching technology works for creators to simplify the typing experience.

For example, a proofreader, a photographer, a translator can help improve an author's content by offering to put their skills at the service of the content. Panodyssey natively integrates features that allow authors to develop their community and manage their compensation according to their goals, respecting copyright and with full transparency. They do this by making use of tamper-proof blockchain technology to protect the creator's content in an intellectual property registry. More than 300 verified creators of all generations already publish in French and English and whose firms are represented.

The foundation of the CREA consortium (Creative Room European Alliance) and the support of the European Commission have been crucial in promoting this platform on a European scale and thus "being able to build a credible and differentiating offer compared to platforms developed in the United States", according to what he declared. Alexandre Leforestier, President of Panodyssey. The consortium brings together 9 international partners in 5 countries (Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy) in the media, culture, education and technology sectors. The goal is to reach 10 million creators and 100 million internet users by 2030. The launch of Panodyssey marks the acceleration of the launch of a cross-industry consortium as part of Creative Europe's new "Lab Innovation" innovation programme, capable of finally establishing the platform as the leader of the European Union for the publication of online content.
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