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SEO/BirdLife is the organization responsible for the international project Life Clima 1.5, in which 13 organizations from as many European countries participate. We are already living through “the crucial decade in the fight against climate change”, and this is a key moment because climate and energy policies must be reviewed, both at the European and national levels.

The main objectives of the Life Clima 1.5 project are:

  • Align EU climate action with the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement.
  • Increase public acceptance of more inclusive climate action, showing the environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • Promote ambitious policies and measures, monitoring the approval of the European legislative package "Fit for 55", the revision of the PNIEC (Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans) in 2023-2024 and the implementation of the planned measures, in order to updating the Long-Term Strategies and the proposal for a climate goal for 2040.

The countries involved in the project, each represented by an environmental NGO, are Germany (Germanwatch), Belgium (Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen – BBL), Bulgaria (Environmental Association “Za Zemiata” – ZZ), Croatia (Society for sustainable development design – DOOR), Czech Republic (Center for Transport and Energy – CDE), Denmark (Gruppen 92), Estonia (Estonian Fund for Nature – ELF), France (Réseau Action Climat), Hungary (National Society of Conservationists – NSC – FoE HU ), Poland (Institute for Sustainable Development – ISD), Portugal (ZERO), Slovenia (FOCUS) and Spain (SEO/BirdLife), under the umbrella of the organization Climate Change Network (CAN) Europe.
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