Audiovisual Industry

Innovative tools and business models

Creative Europe Programme. Innovative tools and business models. Call for proposals CREA-MEDIA-2023-INNOVBUSMOD. Project Grants. 

Films on the Move

Creative Europe Programme. Films on the Move. Call for proposals CREA-MEDIA-2023-FILMOVE. Project Grants.

TV and online content

Creative Europe Programme. TV and online content. Call for proposals CREA-MEDIA-2023-TVONLINE. Lump Sum Grants.

European slate development

Creative Europe Programme. European slate development. Call for proposals CREA-MEDIA-2023-DEVSLATE. Lump Sum Grants.

Audience Development and Film education

Creative Europe Programme. Audience Development and Film Education. Call for proposals CREA-MEDIA-2023-AUDFILMEDU. Project Grants.