Digital Europe

Cybersecurity and Trust 

Digital Europe Programme. Simple Grants and Support Actions. Call for proposals: Capacity building of Security Operation Centres. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03-SOC Uptake Of Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03-UPTAKE-CYBERSOLUTIONS EU Cybersecurity Resilience, Coordination and Cybersecurity Ranges. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03-CYBER-RESILIENCE Deploying The Network Of National Coordination Centres With Member States. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03-NAT-COORDINATION Supporting The NIS Directive Implementation And National Cybersecurity Strategies. DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03-NIS-DIRECTIVE Securing 5G […]

Digital Europe. Data space

Digital Europe Programme. Call for proposals. DIGITAL Simple Grants and Coordination and Support Actions: Large-scale pilots for cloud-to-edge based service solutions. DIGITAL-2021-CLOUD-AI-03-PILOTS-CLOUD-SERVICES. DIGITAL Deployment of the AI-on-demand platform. DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03-AI-ON-DEMAND Data space for manufacturing (deployment). DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03-DS-MANUF Data space for media (deployment). DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03-DS-MEDIA Data space for mobility (deployment). DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03-DS-MOBILITY Data space for smart communities (deployment). DIGITAL-2022-CLOUD-AI-03-DS-SMART Initial […]

Digital Europe

The Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) is a EU funding programme (2021-2027) focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and public administrations. How to make Europe greener and more digital are the twin challenges for our generation, and our success in meeting them will define our future. CALLS FOR PROPOSALS Calls are published regularly on […]

Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme

The Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme (AAL) aims to improve the quality of life of the elderly through the development and use of sustainable innovative solutions based on information and communication technologies that truly respond to their needs with a multidisciplinary point of view. CALLS FOR PROPOSALS Calls are published regularly on […]