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European Parliament. Support for training interpreting

European Parliament. Project Grants. Call for proposals. Support for training interpreting 2023-2024: Organisation of master or post graduate courses in conference interpreting (EP-LINC-SUBV-2023-CONF-INT-01). Promotion of excellence in conference interpreter training, cooperation among universities training conference interpreters and research into technical developments in the area of conference interpreting. Other projects (EP-LINC-SUBV-2023-CONF-INT-02). Organisation of master or post-graduate […]

European Parliament Grants to European Political Parties

Since July 2004, European political parties can receive annual funding from the European Parliament. This financing consists of a subsidy for the operation and can cover up to 85% of the expenses of a party; the remaining 15% must be covered by the party itself from its own resources, such as dues paid by members […]