Public Health

Mobilisation of Emergency funding for Mpox outbreak research response

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Mobilisation of Emergency funding for Mpox outbreak research response (HORIZON-JU-GH-EDCTP3-2024-Mpox).

Ensuring access to health care

Horizon Europe. Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care (Single stage - 2024). Pre-commercial procurement for environmentally sustainable, climate neutral and circular health and care systems (HORIZON-HLTH-2024-CARE-14-01).

Tackling diseases

Horizon Europe. Tackling diseases (Single stage - 2024). Calls for Proposals: European Partnership: One Health Anti-Microbial Resistance (HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-09-01) Implementation research for management of multiple long-term conditions in the context of non-communicable diseases (Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases - GACD) (HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-13-01) Pandemic preparedness and response: Maintaining and enhancing the preparatory work for a co-funded European partnership […]

Critical Medicines Alliance to help prevent and address shortages of critical medicines

The European Commission's Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), working with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, have today launched the Critical Medicines Alliance at the margins of the informal EPSCO Council meeting of health ministers, as part of the actions to build a strong European Health Union. The Alliance brings […]

European research in radiation protection

Euratom Research and Training Programme. Cascade funding. PIANOFORTE Open Call 2024. Partnership for european research in radiation protection and detection of ionising radiation : towards a safer use and improved protection of the environment and human health.

Digital Health Uptake

Digital Europe Programme. Digital Health Uptake. Uptake of Digital Solutions in Health and Care. Call for Training (DIGITAL-2021-DEPLOY-01-HEALTH).

Safety and quality of new Substances of Human Origin

EU4Health Programme. Project Grants. Call for proposals: action grants on the safety and quality of new Substances of Human Origin (Breast milk, faecal microbiota transplants) (b) HS-g-23-50.02 Faecal microbiotic transplants (HS-g-23-50.02). Call for proposals EU4H-2023-PJ-2-1.

EU4Health Partnership Agreement for non-governmental organisations

EU4Health Programme. Call for proposals for a Framework Partnership Agreement for operating grants (2025-2026) to non-governmental organisations (EU4H-2024-OG-FPA).

Healthcare Innovation Procurement Network

Horizon Europe. Cascade funding. Procure4Health 3rd call for twinnings. Healthcare Innovation Procurement Network (HORIZON-HLTH-2021-CARE-05-04). Deadline: 17.06.2024 | W3 Funding & tender opportunities, 14.02.2024

Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 7

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 7 Improving clinical management of heart disease from early detection to treatment. HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-07-01-singe-stage User-centric technologies and optimized hospital workflows for a sustainable healthcare workforce. HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-07-02-singe-stage Clinical validation of biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and treatment response. HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-07-03-single-stage.

Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 6

Horizon Europe. Research and Innovation Actions. Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 6: Support healthcare system resilience through a focus on persistency in the treatment of chronic diseases. HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-06-01-two-stage Development of evidence based practical guidance for sponsors on the use of real-world data / real-world evidence. HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-06-02-two-stage.


Fostering a European Research Area for Health Research. ERA4Health. Cascade funding. Nano and advanced technologies for disease prevention, diagnostic and therapy (HORIZON-HLTH-2022-DISEASE-03-01).
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