€869 million for a just climate transition in Spain #JustTransitionFund

Spain will receive almost €869 million from the Just Transition Fund (JTF) following the adoption of the Just Transition Programme and its Territorial Just Transition Plan (TJTP). The funding will help the country firmly advance in the transition towards a climate-neutral economy in a fair way.

Spain is on track to phase out coal for energy production ahead of its initial planning of 2030. The EU will help deliver a just climate transition in the regions affected by the corresponding closures of coal mines and coal power plants. This includes most notably the region of Asturias, which will receive almost one third of the Spanish JTF funding. Other regions receiving funds are the province of A Coruña in Galicia, the provinces of Teruel in Aragón, León, and Palencia in Castilla y León, Almería, Cádiz, and Córdoba in Andalusia; and a group of municipalities around Alcúdia on the island of Mallorca.

RAPID, IP/22/7645, 22.12.2022
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