European Solidarity Corps

With a dedicated budget of €1.009 billion for 2021-2027, the European Solidarity Corps programme will provide opportunities for at least 270 000 young people. They will help address societal and humanitarian challenges through volunteering or by setting up their own solidarity projects. The programme’s ambition is not only to be more inclusive but also greener and more digital. For the first time, the programme will also allow young people to volunteer in the humanitarian aid field across the world..


European Solidarity Corps. Call for proposals 2023. EAC/A14/2022. Actions:

- Volunteering Projects (23 February 2023 and 4 October 2023)
- Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas (8 February 2023)
- Solidarity Projects (23 February, 4 May and 4 October 2023)
- Quality Label for solidarity volunteering activities (continuous basis)
- Quality Label for humanitarian aid volunteering (continuous basis)
- Volunteering under the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (3 May 2023)

OJ C 446/06, 24.11.2023


Regulation 2021/888 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2021 establishing the European Solidarity Corps Programme and repealing Regulations 2018/1475 and 375/2014 | OJ L 202/32, 8.6.2021


Annual report on the implementation of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative in 2016 | COM(2017) 313 final, 12.6.2017
Annual report on the implementation of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative in 2017 | COM(2018) 572 final, 3.8.2018
Annual report on the implementation of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative in 2018 | COM(2019) 289 final, 24.6.2019


European Solidarity Corps: three years on | RAPID, IP/19/5547, 13.9.2019
Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps: investing for Europe's future generations | RAPID, IP/20/2422, 16.12.2020

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