EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism

Human rights are increasingly under threat worldwide. Against this global backdrop, reconfirming the European Union's strong support to human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy, and their defenders worldwide, Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen today signed €30 million, a substantial increase, for the new phase of the EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism, in the presence of civil society organisations and human rights defenders, for the period 2022–2027.

The EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism is a critical EU programme for supporting human rights defenders around the world, a key priority of the €1.5 billion Global Europe Human Rights and Democracy programme. The Mechanism is managed by, a consortium of 12 human rights NGOs. The additional funds will enable to provide more at-risk human rights defenders with efficient, strategic and flexible support in the immediate-, medium- and long-term.

RAPID IP/22/5808, 29.9.2022
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