New initiatives to empower research careers and to strengthen the European Research Area

Today, the Commission unveiled a comprehensive set of measures targeted at strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) and making it more resilient, appealing, and competitive. These will contribute to a priority action of the ERA Policy Agenda 2022-2024, namely to promote attractive and sustainable research careers.

These initiatives will bring substantial benefits to 2 million researchers across Europe by supporting stable and well-paid work opportunities. Early-career researchers and other European research talents, in particular, will be encouraged to stay in Europe while addressing issues of precariousness in their careers. Simultaneously, efforts will be made to position Europe as an enticing destination for international talents, further bolstering its attractiveness on the global stage.

The set of measures includes:

A proposal for a Council Recommendation that establishes a new European framework for research careers;

A new Charter for Researchers, replacing the 2005 Charter and Code for Researchers with new and revised principles;

The European Competence Framework for Researchers (ResearchComp), to support inter-sectoral mobility of researchers.

Through its support for research talents, the Commission aims to fortify the entire research and innovation system in Europe. By enhancing the attractiveness and effectiveness of research careers, the foundation is laid for ground-breaking research and the development of cutting-edge technologies. This, in turn, ensures Europe's competitiveness in vital sectors, including health, defence, digital technologies, and green technologies.

RAPID, IP/23/3807, 13.7.2023
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