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The Commission has adopted the PEACE PLUS, a new cross-border EU programme to strengthen peace and reconciliation and cross-border cooperation between Ireland and Northern Ireland. It combines the previous INTERREG and PEACE funding strands into a new programme for the 2021-2027 EU period. The Commission will invest €235 million from the European Territorial Cooperation allocation of the European Regional Development Fund.

Together with the UK's financial commitment and additional national co-financing from Ireland and Northern Ireland, this will result in a total investment of €1.1 billion in peace and prosperity on the island of Ireland.

The programme will target investment in six key thematic areas:

  • Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities
  • Delivering Economic Regeneration and Transformation
  • Empowering and Investing in Our Young People
  • Healthy and Inclusive Communities
  • Supporting a Sustainable and Better-Connected Future
  • Building and Embedding Partnership and Collaboration
  • Local partnerships will help regenerating and transforming local communities in a peaceful context with respect for all cultural identities.

The well-being of young people is essential for long-term peace and prosperity in the region. The programme will therefore pay special attention to their needs and potential through an ambitious youth programme and shared learning.

Rural communities along the border face particular challenges, such as access to health care, which may result in inequalities. By supporting cross community and cross border collaborative approaches to health and social care, the programme helps building healthy and socially inclusive communities.
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