First New European Bauhaus Progress Report

The Commission is presenting the first New European Bauhaus (NEB) Progress Report taking stock of the achievements in the initiative's first two years as well as the first assessment tool for NEB project: the NEB Compass. The New European Bauhaus has created a broad community of organisations and citizens all around Europe working around a common vision combining sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetics. Key NEB activities – including the NEB Prizes, the first Festival, the NEB Lab – are delivering on their aims and have built a bottom-up transnational network. Thanks to over €100 million in European funding already allocated, small and large-scale NEB projects are now underway all-around Europe. The Commission will also scale up funding with a further €106 million in dedicated Horizon Europe funds alone for 2023-24.

RAPID, IP/23/203, 17.1.2023
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Horizon Europe. Cascade funding.  EIT Community New European Bauhaus Call for Organisers: Ignite NEB Event Series & Grow NEB Programme. Strategic Synergies (HORIZON-EIT-2023-25-Cross-KIC-Strategic-Synergies).
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