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WePod is an innovative multi-partner, cross-border project to support the growth and sustainability of the European podcasting ecosystem.  Developed in response to the changing European news media sector, WePod will create a collaborative framework for the production, distribution, promotion, and monetization of journalistic podcasts.

Our values and mission: 

  • Empower the cultural and creative sectors to work together and seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation. A consortium of some of the most relevant European Media companies to co-produce podcast series in different languages abiding by the highest journalistic standards. 
  • A graphic of hand holding a microphone. Empower European media companies and independent podcasters through new tools, trainings and workshops and contribute to a sustainable growth of the sector 
  • A graphic of a hand holding a magnifying glass. Pioneer academic research into podcasting with a focus on co-production methodologies and practices
  • Graphic of a hand holding a verdant sprout. Develop a more integrated European podcast market favouring the mobility of digital audio professionals and IP trade to reach new audiences

WePod is powered by a consortium of journalists, podcasters, researchers, designers, and educators from seven European countries: Prisa Media (SPAIN). University of Roma Tre (ITALY). Bulle Media (BELGIUM). Chora Media (ITALY). Magyari Jeti (HUNGARY). Outriders (POLAND). News Decoder (FRANCE). Press Freedom Foundation (SERBIA). Hiberus (SPAIN).

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