Civil Society

Civil Society Organisations. Perú

EU External Action. Thematic Programmes Civil Society Organisations. Call for Proposals 2024 in Perú (EuropeAid/179470/DD/ACT/PE). Decent work: measures for the economic and social integration of vulnerable young people.

African Disability Protocol

EU external action. Strengthening Civil Society Regional Partnerships in favour of the ratification of the African Disability Protocol (ADP). Call for proposals EuropeAid/180511/DD/ACT/Multi.

Support to the independent media sector in Serbia

EU external action. Civil Society Facility and Media Programme. Support to the independent media sector in Serbia. Call for proposals EuropeAid/180725/DD/ACT/RS.

Strengthening Civil Society Organisations

Global Europe Thematic programmes on Human Rights and Democracy & Civil Society Organisations. Strengthening of Civil Society Organisations. Call for proposals EuropeAid/177829/DD/ACT/Multi.
EESC Civil Society Prize

EESC Civil Society Prize 2022

EESC Civil Society Prize 2022. Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives. Empowering Young People - European Civil Society for Ukraine. The 2022 prize will reward effective, innovative and creative initiatives which aim to create a better future for European youth and with European youth by tackling the specific needs of young people and contributing to […]