Cultural Heritage

European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2024

The European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards to aim to identify, recognise and champion best practices in the conservation of cultural heritage as well as innovative developments and knowledge in the care and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Through the power of example, the scheme enables the exchange and transfer of experiences […]

Pilot Project European Heritage Hub

European Heritage Hub: a new project to strengthen the cultural heritage-driven movement in Europe. The new pilot project will gather diverse expertise and pool resources to mobilise and strengthen a cultural heritage-driven movement in Europe. The European Commission has selected a consortium led by Europa Nostra to implement the European Heritage Hub pilot project. The […]

CulturEU Funding Guide 2021-2027 

CulturEU Funding Guide 2021-2027  Luxemburgo: OPOCE, 2021 The CulturEU Funding Guide has been published, a new resource of funding opportunities from the European Commission for the cultural and creative sectors. In it you can filter to obtain the results that best suit your sector, your type of organization and the type of support you are […]

PRO-Heritage Project | Erasmus+

Public organisations as well as private owners of historic buildings nowadays need to meet the growing requirements of citizens in regards to accessibility, availability and usability. Many municipalities and towns with a historic centre or city block have already looked at those requirements and (pre)calculated the costs for conservation versus adaptation of historic buildings to […]

SILKNOW, dissemination of European silk heritage | Horizon 2020

SILKNOW is a research project that improves the understanding, conservation and dissemination of European silk heritage from the 15th to the 19th century. It applies next-generation computing research to the needs of diverse users (museums, education, tourism, creative industries, media…), and preserves the tangible and intangible heritage associated with silk. Based on records from existing […]
Europa Creativa

Creative Europe

The Creative Europe programme 2021-2027 has a budget of € 2.44 billion, compared to €1.47 billion of the previous programme (2014-2020). Creative Europe invests in actions that reinforce cultural diversity and respond to the needs and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors. CALLS FOR PROPOSALS Calls are published daily on the web Funding and Tenders […]